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December 13, 2016


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Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Moving takes on a life of its own and until you know exactly where everything is going, it can be frustrating. I hope you have v=good help.

I enjoyed the second piece, which was great collage, and yes,I saw the dress in the bingo card. They are all adorable, though.

Linda K

Oh my gosh am I glad I saw your comment on Elizabeth's blog just as i was entering mine Cindy!!! How are you??? Somehow your blog-and others got lost in the shuffle when I switched PCS. And now am in the midst of connection and other issues since my PC upgraded to Windows 10-what a drag! Hopefully my son can help sort things out...
Had a GREAT time looking through the last few months of your posts. Your collage work is FABULOUS!!!SO much eye candy! And on this page I really love your "carry" spread above. And you're moving? Far away? Hope all goes well for you. I have you bookmarked now so will be in touch:)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I was locking up tonight when I noticed a box on my front porch. I certainly didn't expect anything like THIS to get your address. I am in love with everything, including the rocking horse and the wonderful crayons. I've never had any like these, so I am so pleased. Of course, the washi tape is fantastic, because I have so few rolls of it. I'm in your debt and love everything you sent.

I was saddened to read about your mother, but glad you were able to spend time with her at the end. It certainly helped to make the loss a bit less painful, than had you been in London when she died.

Thanks so much for your address. It's too late now to send a tip-in in time for Christmas, although I saved one of the original ones for you. I also want to recreate one from last year, although I thought I saved one for you. Just be aware it will be after Christmas before I have a chance to mail you anything. But I certainly appreciate the wonderful kindness you have shown me this holiday AND throughout the years we have known each other. And I am thrilled you thought of me when you were going through your stash busting.

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