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November 08, 2009


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this is gorgeous work Cindy.

Judy NZ

Simply beautiful, Cindy, thanks you for your kind comments on my blog, too!


Beautiful postcard and great idea!


Beautiful postcard!!


beautiful card!!


Absolutely gorgeous


Fabulous, Cindy!


What a wonderful postcard, love the background color and the heart.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

The shading on that heart is wonderful. It looks so dimensional and I can't believe you used acrylics and a napkin to make it look so realistic.

Talk about fragile. I swear I can see the bingo card background behind it. I had to laugh at the lovely little heart that you used for dotting your "i" too.

Kris Dickinson

Fabulous postcard!


a beautiful card~!~such rich colors and i love the idea of fragility being worked into your card via the crackle theme . . .
have already begun brainstorming next weeks theme of music and think it's going to be a fun one~!!~



Very beautiful! I love the colours and the white accents are just perfect.

Lori Saul

Very lovely postcard Cindy- beautiful colors and design!


I love thie fiery background on this card, Cindy, easpecially with the black and white touches!

Joy Meadows

As usual, your postcard is fabulous, Cindy! Very rich and vibrant!


Beautiful postcard! Lovely design!


This is a wonderful expression of fragility and love, Cindy, just beautiful! Cheers!


this one is exceedingly gorgeous, cindy . . . wow!
xox lenna

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