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December 31, 2009


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Jackie McColl

Hey Cindy! I would love to do a page for you before you send it off to the US! Ship it to me at work if you like and I will do it ASAP :) What an awesome idea- I love it!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I am still collecting "fodder" for my collage, and here you are already working on the next part of the Penny Experiment.

As for food banks, I learned yesterday (when I was calling everyone I knew trying to get the collage fodder I needed to complete my art piece) that there is only ONE in Kansas and it distributes food to all Kansas towns. Can you imagine having to be responsible for all the towns in a state? I was floored. I am so glad you called attention to this worthy project.

Joy Meadows

Hey, Cindy! I would love to do a two-page spread and then pass it on - maybe to an ARTchix yahoo group gal??? I am sure it would get filled in record time and be sent in to be sold! Let me know if it is coming my way. : ) Joy

Cheryl Carraway

Hi, Cindy! I would love to do a page. I do a lot of charity work and help many children and their families by accepting Medicaid through my dental office.My contact info:Cheryl Carraway, 1117 SE Second Street, Snow Hill, NC 28580, USA
Thanks for the opportunity!!


Jackie McColl

Hey Joy and Cheryl! Cindy is mailing me the book on Monday- I will do my part and sent it off to either of you- let me know :) Happy New year to all!

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