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February 21, 2010


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Gosh these are darling.
Really gorgeous card. Love it.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I'm laughing hard at this one. For some reason, I can tell them apart, too!


:D Such a fantastic take on this theme.


fantastic!!! great twins!!


So fantastic made card and so fun and creative with the little devil and angel touches:):)


Fantastic idea and lovely creation!
Beautifully created, Cindy!


Your postcard made me smile! I guess if Mom insists her twins dress alike, the only way they can be different is to show their personalities. I love your little angel and devil. Simply beautiful and very creative.
Great artwork.


Love that green background for your identical twins. Yes, Mom's always seem to be able to tell them apart, don't they? Good work on this one, Cindy!

Diana Evans

what a fun piece!!! wonderful twins!!


Love the angel/devil twins, Cindy! Background colours are fab too.


fantastic idea! i am a teacher and have always trouble to tell the twins in my class apart;)


Cindy what a great creation and so funny, I love the quote! Super job!

Kris Dickinson

Oh how fun! Great postcard Cindy!


brilliant and lovely postcard! :)


What a fantastic postcard - and creative idea!!!


Just fantastic, Cindy. Love the humour behind it!


What a wonderful fun postcard; and love the background.


That's cute! I had to show my hubby since he's a twin (the good one). ;-)


Great humour! I love it! The background is absolutely wonderful!


wow! Stunning background! cute girls :)

Kris Dickinson

How fun and clever!

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