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September 02, 2012


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What a stunning postcard! I'd be hard pressed to choose a door - they are all beautiful.

Kris Dickinson

So lovely!

Lisa M

Hey Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I DO hope you'll join the Paris Sample Card swap; I love your work and it would be amazing to get one of your cards in the always-awesome-and-super-fun Artchix swap package!

(Am I trying TOO hard to get you to join?)



What a great card, i love it


I love what you've done with the challenge, Cindy. Very creative!


I´m so happy to see you back and doing some art! I´ve really missed you and have been worried ...
Great doors card, I especially love the handwriting.

Arnoldo L. Romero

I love your color scheme and the various type of images you blended into your postcard. Blessings!

abby lazar

Cindy, I LOVE your style! Beautiful art!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I know this sounds phony, but I was just thinking about you last night and wondering what had happened to you. I'm so glad you are back and making art. Sounds like you were on the other side of the country (your country) for quite some time. I hope you got to see at least part of Toronto. I've only seen it on TV, but it looks spectacular.

I really like the piece you made. It took me awhile to realize there was no bingo card for the substrate.



so glad to see you again! missed you LOTS!

fab postcard :-)

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