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June 28, 2014


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Sue J

Love the layers in your project.


The white pen did the trick, Cindy! I love what you've done with the colors this week!

Linda K

beautiful composition Cindy- gotta love that sweet collage image! Nice repair work on the plum too:)

Jo Fiddlesnips!

I agree that it's a skill to know when enough is enough BUT sometimes you've gotta be brave though and give it a go though, right?!

This is a delightful card (I love that you've done this on a Bingo card!).


It's gorgeous!! :D

sheila 77

What a lovely collage, it's beautifully balanced and I like your design. Brilliant use of the colours too.

Sharon Fritchman

Gorgeous card! It is so elegant and is an absolutely beautiful way to use this week's SOC colors! (I love how you salvaged what you didn't like, too!!!)

Halle G

Cindy, this is perfect! You nailed it with the colors.
Want to know something funny...every time time I see a bingo card I think of you. ;)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I can always leave it to you to find a way to cover any mistakes you might (or think you might) have made. You did a fantastic job with this entry, and I have always loved that stamp. The entire piece is beautiful.

brenda lee

I think the plum center and white stamens add to the overall layout. Wonderful job. :)

Kristin Johnsen

This is lovely - such a great use of the colors! I love the subjects, too...love your pop of plum!


lovely summer of color piece ~

Kristin Van Valkenburgh


Trece Wyman

Love this!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my SOC4!


Beautiful SOC-piece! I've often found that when you think you ruined something and you keep working on it it comes out better than it would've if you hadn't "ruined" it. I think your flower looks great with the plum in the middle!

Carmen Wing

Oh I never know when to stop. I've taken to asking my OH but then, he doesn't like grunge and I do so I still carry on and then bemoan that I ruined it. And he's all "why didn't you stop when I said?"

I love what you did so it was worth the agony to get to the "Yay!" :)

Jewels Welsh

thanks for stopping by at Just Tickety Boo - I so love seeing everyone's interpretations of the colours - yours is very sweet!I think it is great!


Oh I love the muted tones on this, the plum flowers lovely!


Finally, I was able to access your SOC for last week. It's lovely ---glad I didn't miss it. I don't know why I couldn't access it.

Now, I'm looking for this week's version on your page. Apple green, pink and dark green?

Thanks for visiting to view my Summer of Color post.


A beautiful dreamy collage for the SOC colours.... loving the background and all the collaged elements :)

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