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June 17, 2014


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Bleubeard and Elizabeth

This is a lovely contribution to SOC this week. I'm so glad you found that coral paint, because it's so much more fun than mixing colors together.

I cringed when I read about your dress. Yep, I would have saved it for mixed media art. But you probably hadn't heard of mixed media back then, so I can appreciate that you confessed you burned it. Of course, the lady whose heart is beating heavily doesn't have that same problem, because her dress is immaculate. And so is your entry this week.

Sue J

What a super entry with a back story to support it. Fab : )

Halle G

Love this Cindy. And love the drama story...makes me think of my girl. That is totally something I could see her doing in a few years. ;)


Love the coral dress and how your put this all together. I too wore a coral dress to my brother's wedding years ago.


This is lovely! It works really well together!

Linda K

lovely card Cindy! And yes coral was the color in the seventies- I wore a coral prom dress:):) Seems like in your case about burning the dress it was needed-you had to release it somehow:)

Kristin Van Valkenburgh


sheila 77

What a dramatic picture, it's brilliant. And you've kept to the colours too, really well done.
Yes, back yard burners are terribly useful, I've got a coal fire and if something hasn't worked it is gone in an instant and I can move on.


Beautifully done, Cindy! I always love seeing your transformed BINGO cards.

peggy gatto

This is such a lovely painting!!!
Thanks for visiting me!
Hope all is well in your life!

morag@paper rainbow

Dramatic is the word, a fantastic image Cindy.

Deborah Weber

Love the picture and love your dramatic dress story - nothing like a good bold statement. :-)


Wonderful painting and love the story behind it! Valerie


Beautiful page. The heart is fabulous made from map paper and the dramatic lady image is wonderful. Very well put together :D
Thank you for your lovely comment on my own page :D


Loved this when I saw it on FB...you did a beautiful job with the coral and teal combo! :) Jan x


Epic truly epic!
xo C


lovely card

linda (dots n doodles)


Deepa Gopal Sunil

This is a beautiful piece Cindy and love the story :)
Thanks for stopping by...

Sharon Fritchman

I absolutely love reading your stories! I am so happy that you loved the coral dress that you made later for a wedding! And WOW! Your art is so beautiful and such a wonderful way to used this week's colors!

Janelle Marks

This is a very pretty piece. I love the way that you used the colors.

Janet Smith

Very lovely! Also, enjoyed your story.

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