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June 14, 2014


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How gorgeous...so elegant and enchanting!!


found you via SOC link
lovely piece.

Bleubeard and ELizabeth

Oh Cindy, how sad. I only used my Xyron once and when I did, the container that holds the adhesive fell out of the machine, I was never able to get it back in again. I sent an e-mail to Xyron, but never heard back from them.

Regardless of the loss of your image, you really turned this into a winner. It's fabulous, and of course, has your signature bingo card.

Sharon Fritchman

Oooooh! I love how you welcomed us to SOC! You used the colors for the first week beautifully!!!! (And I am very sorry that you lost your first work. That is too bad!)


lovely piece
fun ohow you welcomed SOC ~


I try to make it work, the way you did! More creative that way, I think!

Kristin Van Valkenburgh



I like it the way it is, although it might not be what you had envisioned.

Thanks for stopping to view my SOC post.

In answer to your question--- I used to teach art and when disaster struck, I always told my students they had 4 options:
1) start over (this wasn't always practical, because in a class there are deadlines, but if it was early-on in an assignment or the student was willing to work on it during lunch, after school or at home, then it might be a good choice.)
2) Live with the mistake.
3) Correct it. (sometimes we had to cut the mistake out, glue another piece of paper under it and fill in the "patch".)
4) Make it into something else. (little black splatters in the sky could become birds, a red blob on the ground could become a ball

I encouraged them to weigh the options and decide which they wanted to do.

Once a very talented girl had created the cutest fantasy animal in clay, but she dropped it after it was fired and it broke into several pieces. We glued it together but it had big cracks. So we brain-stormed ideas and finally mixed sawdust from the wood shop with Weld-bond glue and covered the sculpture with a layer of it. After she painted it, it looked like a shaggy critter and we both agreed it was better than the original.


Thank you for your lovely comment on my SOC. you have some gorgeous things to look at on your blog:) If I don't like what I'm working on I tend to start over but keep the work, I might use it or like it after a few weeks. Loving your icads too.

Jo Fiddlesnips!

Love love love this! Shame the other girl's legs came to such a sticky end!


It's good that you stuck by it, it looks great! Making it work is the best solution imo, and sometimes it's even better than it would've been had we stuck to the original plan.....


I love the idea of a ballerina juggler. She's got it all going on!


What a beautiful piece, and if you hadn't said about the little girl and balloons, I'd have guessed the ballerina was 'waving' to some bubbles floating on by. Fabulous.
Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm delighted you think my wee boat is awesome :D
ps- sorry for the late visit ;)

Carmen Wing

Yes and yes. I have been known to go on a ripping, tearing, murderous spree when things go wrong but other times happy accidents have turned into pieces I love. I reckon that yours is a happy accident - someone once told me that I shouldn't say when things go wrong because no-one else knows what the vision in your head was... so only you know this isn't the way it was meant to be... Easier said than done right? ;)

I love your happy ballerina, she's so much fun!

Thank you for your lovely words over at mine x

Linda K

this is wonderful Cindy!! (Bingo card Queen) SO good to connect with you again:) Thanks for stopping by my blog too.


Lovely BJ

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