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July 19, 2014


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sheila 77

Absolutely gorgeous and so richly coloured and the lady is just right there. I enjoyed your story of making it too.

Sue Lelli

Sometimes the happy accidents are the BEST! LOVE this (along with the story of your long and almost disasterous process)! LOVE that you saved the day! LOVE that she looks sad because this is the last week!

Sharon Fritchman

It turned out beautiful and I am glad that you were able to "fix" the colors! Your work of art is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents throughout this year's SOC party! It has been a color journey! HUGS!


Ohh gorgeous!!


Another beautiful card! She looks like a princess. Bingo:)


such a beautiful piece
and wonderful in the colors

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Sometimes the products we use change our minds without us realizing it. You did a masterful job of reworking the original piece, and I love happy accidents. They often turn out even better than what we originally planned.

Jo Fiddlesnips!

Love this! Great idea to bring the Neocolor IIs to the rescue!!

SOC4 has been such fun, hope to see you at SOC5!



Such a stunning beauty...serene and decadent..and totally magical! Beautiful for SOC!

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

Thank YOU! xo

Linda K

great save-this is a gorgeous end to the challenge and your collection Cindy! It was so great catching up with you again and I look forward to seeing your book:)

Kristin Johnsen

Just love this!!!


creative Bingo card, in the SOC colours!

Janelle Marks

This turned out to be a very pretty card. You did a great job on the rescue. Part of the fun is what to do when things go wrong, isn't it. I think that your according book will be a lot of fun. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.


Trials and tribulations there but you came out tops in the end, super bingo card. BJ

Deborah Weber

Love this Cindy. So fun to play along with you in this challenge, but even as it ends, I know they'll be lots of color inspiration happening. Look forward to keeping in touch with all your wonderful creativeness.


Ah, lovely! I love the big bright sun in the corner! Very summery!

Denise Price

This turned out great. I'm so glad that you were able to save it. I'm also glad that I "met" you in SOC this year!

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