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July 09, 2014


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Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Oh Cindy, this is adorable. Your ballerina is simply perfect for this color challenge, right down to her red flowers.


lovely! It will be good to see the series in an accordion book

Iti Fox

I agree, this is charming. I love the expression of her pose and the Bingo at the top. Great idea to put in an accordion book, should be fun.


Beautiful piece Cindy! Valerie


Another nice SOC piece. I never thought of using old bingo cards, but they are a nice size ---not tiny not too big. I vote for the accordion book ---my reason is that with a ring, you can see only one image at a time and it can't sit up by itself. With an accordion book you could open it to display 2, 4, or more images on a table and change the ones that are viewable occasionally. I've been making some handmade books and like the accordion ones I've made.


Wow, I love your style!

Deborah Weber

Fabulous! And you must make a book out of your cards - that would be wonderful. Wishing you a colorful week.


so charming
i enjoy dancers in art
fun that you are using bingo cards too


just perfect for soc!

Kristin Johnsen

Oh she's lovely! Funny, I pulled out a bingo card to get me started in all it's blue-ness....but went a different direction. Great use of the colors!


very nice!!...and now I have to go back and check out all your earlier posts on ICAD. What a great idea using the bingo backgrounds for each week

sheila 77

This is great, you've obviously had no trouble at all using the three colours. I like the use of the bingo card and the way you have them as a theme. The large red flowers and patterned strip set off the ballerina so well.

Halle G

Love this Cindy!!


Gorgeous...this is such a super beautiful piece and the figure and poetic style of your art speaks to my soul..really beautifully done!
Awesome for the SOC colors.!
Thanks for visiting and your super kind and generous words made my day!
Thank you

Annie C

Gorgeous! I love the colours and the whimsical style, just perfect :o)


Gogeous Cindy, simply gogeous. I love balerinas. The blues are very easy to tell apart, so no fears there. Thank you for your advice on my page :o)

Sharon Fritchman

Oh my goodness, Cindy. This is wonderful! I love your art!

Linda K

fantastic Cindy! I think a book is a wonderful idea. I'm kinda sad we only have one more week. It's been great seeing so many projects by everyone.

joanna chrysohoidis

She's really pretty dancing on the bingo card!


You made working with these colors look easy! Beautiful card!


Oh, how I love this!!! LOVE it!

Anita Mistry

Cindy this is totally awesome I love the way you've used the colour palette this week. I really struggled with the colours.

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

xo ;)


Another wonderful piece! eric


Adore the ballet dancer and the colours are just right with her. BJ

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