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January 05, 2020


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Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Where did you get that thick foam? I want to make some stamps like that, too, but all I find is the very thin stuff at the dollar store.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lyric inspired art. One blogger asked me if it was legal when I interpreted Superstition on my blog. She thought I couldn't add the lyrics without paying for them. My friend Joseph had to pay a writer to add a few words to a song he (Joseph) had written, but I don't think that applies since we aren't trying to sell the art. I was glad to see you played in the lyric challenge again this year because I often sing songs as I'm reading the post or seeing the artwork.

Your Love and Hate was POWERFUL. It's amazing.

Somehow, I don't think I ever answered your question about UHU glue and the repositionable glue. When I was a UHU Gluer Designer, UHU gluers were given one product a month to focus on. The glue came NOT from UHU manufacturers, but from a company that was representing UHU. With no warning, we were told the company had shut down (NOT UHU, but the company where we got our products from). Those were the links that were dead. I still buy UHU glue at the craft store, but haven't seen that repositionable glue since I was a gluer. In fact, I've never seen it in stores and an internet search wasn't helpful either. However, the actual GLUE is definitely still sold in stores and apparently on the internet, too. I hope that helps because I definitely wasn't clear when I wrote the article for my second look on the 2nd.

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